personal objects

Personal objects Affective relations with personal objects that surround us in the domestic space, belong to the human being as an almost archetypal order.1 Our objects can have different degrees of affectability that we can demonstrate them: Tomasina, ?my favorite bicycle?, up to call it with its own name, giving it every time a personal character, an ?affective charge?.2The set of our objects, their interaction with us and among them, is what characterize our domestic space. This fetishistic space where objects are kept is where our ego lives in an eternal ?ilotempore? that always has passed.3?Affective charges? have been collected in every scratch, every mark, every object ?seam? of our tapestry, table, chairs, spoon, clothes, jewels, etc. Our objectual space is redeemed compared with a real, new and unknown space, which is always insipid, vain and completely lacks the symbol of our personal history. For this reason this new space needs a sort of ?domestication? process to include all the new objects through marking, living and integrating them into our life, so that their coexistence with us does not break the affective order of our inner world.5Only living in the outer world, interacting with objects, our memories and dreams can wakeup, but this interaction overcomes the pragmatic sense that holds real space and objects. It doesn?t matter if objects are or has been useful, they will pass away, but they have became symbols of ourselves and part of our existence


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